Cable and Wire Harness
the Elfac Way


Elfac begins each collaboration by outlining the specific task with the customer, so the aim, expectation, and potential risks are uncovered


Elfac makes sure that all involved parties know and understand the process, and that all employees are equipped with the right competences, IT and project management tools.


Elfac operates at the highest professional level whether it deals with consultancy, prototypes, zero-series or mass production and continuous development.

Business Process Outsourcing

The foundation for Elfac’s BPO-strategy is our highly qualified employees. We focus on quality improvement, cost efficiency, and overall aims to improve our customer’s competitiveness.
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Lars H. Andersen
Managing Director
Elfac A/S

+45 22 22 33 11
Thomas Malmqvist
Sales Engineer
Elfac A/S

+45 87 20 59 19

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Process design

Quality in every part of the process is something we plan and implement according to our concept. APQP makes it possible to review, plan and execute each process, so the risks are uncovered from the start and potential pitfalls are avoided. Read more

Supply Chain Management

A systematic collation of experience, reliable forecasts, and transparent collaborations guarantees Elfac’s customers an extremely reliable supply and delivery chain. Stability and agility are keywords when it comes to our production and delivery processes.

Supply Chain Management is an important part of ‘The Elfac Way’. Based on customer forecasts, we conduct a simulated resource plan that forms the basis for a completely transparent supply chain. Read more

The right focus
The ‘upside-down’ pyramid

Elfac has always focussed on production, logistics and efficiency. We have, therefore, turned the classic company structure pyramid on its head to highlight that we value flexibility and an efficient production above all else.

Every management decision, every support function, and each investment serves only one purpose for us: to strengthen production, the logistics, and the organisation of the daily running of the business.

This way of thinking is supported by the Elfac Academy. Based on our vision, mission, and strategy the academy builds motivation and creates a strong sense of togetherness on all levels. Read more

Long-term relations and full transparency

Terma A/S and Elfac have collaborated for many years, and today Elfac is an active partner in the company’s development process.
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The collaboration between Vestergaard Company and Elfac resulted in a plug’n’play solution.
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