The Elfac Way

Cable harnesses without the hassle

Elfac has one goal: to provide our customers with the right solution whether it concerns advice, design, prototypes or production. That is why we have developed and constantly refine our own unique Work Method.

We make sure that everyone understands and uses the Method, and that each employee is given as much competence as possible to make decisions within their area with a clear understanding of the end goal.

The Method is simple: Define, Design, Deliver.

Lars H. Andersen
Managing Director
Elfac A/S

+45 22 22 33 11


Consideration is standard

Each assignment at Elfac starts with a clear definition of the jobs scope, supplemented by a systematic analysis of all aspects of the production process. This includes certificates, risk analysis, quality planning as well as component and material selection.
Competences, HMR, Logistics


A close relation between
people and competences

When a production is designed, and production processes are developed, it happens in a close cooperation with competent employees, who understand the process going forward. They have the right professional knowledge and access to the latest IT and logistics tools to support forecast analysis, traceability and documentation.

Our customers can therefore rest assured that they are working with employees whose capability and knowhow is up to date just like our machinery and the production facilities in general.

Consultancy, Prototypes, 0-series


The perfect delivery
demands Early Involvement

Whether we are dealing with a prototype, a zero-series or mass production, Elfac’s consultancy is part of the deal. We are focussed on implementing Early Involvement so all processes are optimized from the start – ensuring quality, stability and logistics work all the way without any hassle. And that is the way we work no matter whether it concerns cable bundles, kits or units.

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