Mission, vision and values

A living value base

At Elfac our value base is a vital part of our being. It is the starting point for all training at the Elfac Academy and combined with our Working Method, it is the foundation for interaction and collaboration. It is quite simply the prerequisite for getting the work done and to create results. We all respect and honour these values to ensure the success of our customers.


Cable Harness without the hassle

It’s not a slogan it’s a task. We can’t put it more precisely than that, and everyone at Elfac knows and understands the importance of delivering the right solution in the right quality at the right time.

It is the most important parameter for success, and all training programmes at Elfac start and end there. That ensures a focus and that everyone, no matter which internal training they have received at our Academy, has the same goal and work together to achieve it.


Taking ‘Best in Class’
to a higher level.

Together we can scale new heights, do things a little better than yesterday and even better tomorrow. This philosophy permeates the entire organisation, all training and the high professional level of skills. To live up to this way of thinking, it takes all our employees to accept responsibility, to work according to our Method and to be an active part of our training programme – to the benefit of our customers and each other.

All employees are issued with a skills card which is updated with achieved qualification levels on a running basis.


Trust, freedom and engagement

At Elfac we have chosen three values that are fundamental to living up to our mission and vision. Without the trust in each other, the freedom to make decisions and the motivation to go that extra mile, our value foundation is just mere self-gratification.

That is why our organisation is streamlined to encourage those qualities, that is why our work process is forged around them and that is why our training and HR work is tightly knit to those values. And that is precisely why it works. The pyramid has been turned upside down and together with our customers we are ready to take ‘Best in Class’ to a higher level.


Lagercrantz Group is a well-established technology group that exclusively deals in b2b sales of electronics, communication and related areas.

Lagercrantz companies are represented in nine European countries as well as in India, China and the US.  The group employs around 1,500 people and has a revenue of approximately 4 billion SEK.

Lagercrantz operates within a decentralised management model.  This means that each subsidiary  makes its own business decisions close to customers and suppliers.

Lagercrantz has been registered on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2001.

Lagercrantz Group consists of more than 50 companies that all operate within niche areas. The Group is divided into four divisions:

  • Electronics markets special products within embedded electronics, wireless communication, monitors, light and IoT.
  • Mechatronics offers electrical connection systems, electrical installation materials, customised cabling, fittings and emergency lighting as well as other mechanical and elctro-mechanical products.
  • Communications offers products, systems, services and support in network access technology, control technology and digital transmission technology.
  • Niche Products, offers products in manufacturing and dispensing of foodstuffs, material handling, furniture and fittings for workplaces, shops or warehouses, special plastic doors, snow clearance and cleaning of airport runways and galvanized steel wire for roadways, masts and agriculture.

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