Business Process Outsourcing

The right tool is more
than half the work

To Elfac Business Process Outsourcing is a matter of making our customers more competitive. The tools are training, being systematic and holistic thinking. Only with the right competences, overview and a coordinated effort can we create whole solutions.
Thomas Malmqvist
Sales Engineer

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Clarify the task from the beginning

A good start is the first bonus

Early Involvement is the secret behind successful outsourcing. Early in the process we go through specifications, processes and requirements before documentation and products are analysed. In this way potential weaknesses are uncovered early on, which puts us in a position to suggest optimisations.









Plan the production

Great results can be planned

Elfac combines training, and tested systems and common sense in the entire process. That creates a coherence and understanding of the goal by all participants, which is imperative for creating good results. At the end of the day we see the purpose of outsourcing as creating better efficiency, fewer mistakes and therefore greater competitiveness.

The right quality
– every time

BPO with maximum bonus

Techniques, systems and methods are never better than the people using them, which is why our employees value the understanding of the task as highly as logistics and production processes. Only in this way can we provide effective sparring and secure savings of resources, on time delivery and minimise the need for capital tied up in stock.

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