Training and competence development

Professionals who know what they are talking about

To work with Elfac means to collaborate with motivated, engaged and professional partners with an insight into the processes and the objectives. Competent people are not afraid to suggest relevant improvements, and to put new ideas on the table for the simple reason that they know what they are talking about.

Training for everyone

Training for everyone

Elfac has its own Academy where our training tools, unique management philosophy and the industry standard IPC-WHMA-A-620 ensures a high professional level.

Each employee is issued with a skills card that is continuously updated with achieved qualifications as they complete the various training sessions.

IT – an important tool

IT in the daily work

Elfac’s mission, vision and Work Method are backed by the internal IT systems that support the logistics, quality monitoring and the Work Method, because planning and data collection is best done by computers, while interpretation and creative thinking is best done by trained people with insight and knowledge of the requirements.

Stable processes

Quite simply – also in practise

Elfac’s philosophy ‘Define, Design, Deliver’ sounds quite simple. In practise its still difficult, which is why we spend much energy on communication so the understanding of the message can form the foundation for establishing stable processes.

Define: describe the task
Design: execute it in accordance with the definition
Deliver: ensure a perfect delivery, so the next part of the chain can deliver the same quality

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