Supply Chain Management

Stability and unity

Supply Chain Management ensures that the need for tying down resources in the production process is as short as possible and therefore creates an effective and competitive supply chain. At Elfac we turn theory into practice via close collaboration, great logistics and full transparency.

and SCM

Logistics and SCM

Logistics is the foundation for Supply Chain Management while trust, timing and transparency is the prerequisite for success. That is why Elfac believes in long-lasting relations and involving all parties in the process to eliminate weaknesses in the supply chain that otherwise would occur due to misunderstandings.

and planning

Agility in SCM

Stability and agility in the supply chain is one of many important goals when a project is planned, realised and optimised. That is why we involve suppliers, when relevant, in the early stages of planning a project. That is also the case regarding sourcing as well as Material Ressource Planning (MRP).


Safety and SCM

In the same ways as Elfac trains our employees, our suppliers are also involved in our Method and way of handling things. This adds a high degree of transparency in the supply chain, where data sharing is a natural part of the collaboration.

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